HBHS Update

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HBHS Update

Thanks to your ongoing support we’re in a season of active growth and reorganization at His Branches Health Services to improve the quality of the family medical care we provide, and we’re excited about the future! With our Care Manager and new, more robust electronic medical records software we’re already learning more comprehensive ways to follow and provide preventative care for patients at risk for diabetes, hypertension and other threatening conditions. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really comes alive when you can clearly identify where that ounce of prevention is best applied!

In addition, our close collaboration with Embracing Options and other pregnancy care centers in the area continues to offer us rich opportunities to provide medical and maternity care for many of their clients. In keeping with our commitment to serve the whole person – body, soul and spirit – we offer to close all of our patient encounters with prayer asking the Lord for wisdom, healing and help. We are so thankful for the privilege of co-laboring with a God who hears and answers when we call.

Please pray for us as we learn better ways to connect with and love our neighbors as Christ would have us do in today’s complex world.

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