Myths about Cohabitation

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Myths about Cohabitation

New Study Disproves Three

We’re currently in the midst of National Marriage Week (Feb. 7-14), a yearly celebration that recognizes the importance of this most basic human institution.

We’re also living in an age where cohabitation rates are increasing, in part because our culture increasingly doesn’t value the importance of God’s sacred and foundational gift to men and women.

Too many couples simply don’t see the value in getting married. To them, “marriage is just a piece of paper.” From their vantage point, marriage doesn’t bring any added benefits as long as they’re “secure” in their relationship. Living together, they contend, without the formal legal ties, is also liberating and better for everyone.

But what does the research say? Click here to read the full article by Jim Daly at Focus on the Family with added material from John Curtis, PhD.

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