Outdated Medicine?

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Outdated Medicine?

Earlier this month the Washington Post ran an article by Dr. Jerald Winakur entitled “In America, the art of doctoring is dying.” The author was in medical practice for nearly 40 years before moving into academic circles, and his thesis is that the practice of medicine has changed dramatically in recent years. In his words, “There is no doubt that the [very personal] kind of medicine I was fortunate to practice is disappearing.” We are happy to report that at His Branches Health Services the practice of this kind of medicine, what Dr. Winakur calls being a “confidentialist,” is alive and well.

Dr. Winakur goes on to define a “confidentialist” as “Someone who has the time to really get to know a patient. Someone available to be confided in. An advocate, not just for the moment, but across time. An explainer about what’s wrong; an educator about what will help and what will not. Someone who has the knowledge and confident wisdom to stand down the legions of specialists with their scalpels, catheters and scopes; the backbone to stand up to bottom-line-toeing administrators and self-serving insurance executives and policy wonks.”

Would you, or someone you know, like this kind of medical care? If so, browse around our website and then give us a call at (585) 235-2250 to find out how to become part of our patient centered medical practice.


“The Doctor” by Sir Luke Fildes 1891

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