The Miraculous

God with us, the hope of glory

All year long

but especially during the holidays, we celebrate the miraculous all around us – the amazing miracles of birth, life, forgiveness and healing. We may have insight and knowledge, good dietary habits and lifestyle choices, and be fortunate to have been born with sturdy bodies and strong heritages, but then mistakes are made and misfortune and illness inevitably come.

To whom do we turn in times of distress? Medical people like those of us at His Branches Health Services are often a good resource, but first we look inward and each, in his or her own way, prays for wisdom, guidance, strength, and healing. Often we recover and make it through without medical help, because often our problems aren’t really medical and, even when they are, our bodies and souls may heal without the help of a physician.

Jesus is quoted as saying, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor. It is the sick who need a doctor. I have not come to invite good people. I have come to invite sinners to change their hearts and lives!”


The “Reason for the Season”

Our heritage teaches us to seek God when troubles come and to look for the miraculous intervention of the Divine, which was manifested on our behalf through the birth of Jesus.


December is also the month when we commemorate the miraculous extension of the ritual oil that kept the menorah burning brightly for 8 full days at the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem by Judas Maccabeus 164 years prior to Christ’s birth, helping prepare the way for His arrival.

Please join us this season as we celebrate the gifts that God has given us of hope, healing, restoration, love, family, friendship and, in a phrase, life and life in abundance!

God bless you all!

Click here to download a meditation on Praising God for Miracles by David Jeremiah.