Upgrading to Medent

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Upgrading to Medent

Get ready!

After months of planning and extensive preparation, we’re on the verge of converting over from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that we’ve been using for the past 10+ years to a more robust system called Medent. The decision to change was made last spring after months of prayer and research into our future needs for a more sophisticated system to handle the increasing patient care requirements of our Patient Centered Medical Home as well as the complexities of clinic billing. For the past 7 months we’ve been working extensively behind the scenes with both our current vendor and Medent to prepare 10 years of patient care data so that it can be transferred without loss to our new EHR.

Everyone on our staff has been undergoing training this month, and a cut-over time has been set: our last full clinical day using our current system will be this coming Thursday, January 29; 10 years of patient records will be downloaded and exported to Medent on Friday, January 30 and over the weekend; Medent will be up and running on all our computers on Monday, February 2 so we can set up our schedules and test it out to make sure everything is operating; and on Tuesday, February 3 we will “go live” and get back into the swing of patient care on Medent. It’s going to be a learning curve for all of us, so please pray for us and be patient!

Special thanks go out to our neighbor and brother in the faith Gary Passero, who has been faithfully donating his time and expertise to tailoring our “export” process so that our data can be seamlessly “ingested” into Medent at the time of cut-over. We’re also deeply grateful for the support we’ve received from our current vendor and the staff at Medent during this time of preparation. And it’s our privilege to report that, by God’s grace, the costs of our transition have been almost completely underwritten by a substantial grant from the University of Rochester Medical Center and support from our CMMI grant and generous donors!

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